[VIRTUAL] After Munich Film and Talkback

Date: November 15, 2020
Time: 6:30 pm

After Munich is the story of 4 women whose lives were forever altered after the massacre of 11 Olympic athletes in 1972 during the Munich Olympics. Each woman, an athlete, a widow of one of the murdered competitors and two undercover agents, responds differently to this tragic event. Dr. Cathy Cohn will discuss what makes one person more or less resilient to traumatic events than someone else? How does one move on after a loss of this magnitude and create a meaningful life?

Dr. Cathy Cohn is a clinical social worker and psychologist. She is trained in the treatment of grief, trauma, depression, anxiety and OCD Dr. Cohn practices in Boulder.

We will also hear from Eti Young, who will share her personal story of being a flight attendant for EL AL. Eti first began her flight to Munich with military forces on board, intended as a rescue mission, but while in the air, it became a heartbreaking experience of bringing the bodies back to Israel.

This film is presented as part of the Boulder Jewish Film Festival. Registration for the talkback with Cathy Cohn includes a free link to the film After Munich.

The Zoom link for the talkback will be emailed to you once registration is complete. The link to watch the film will be emailed to you within 48 hours.

Sunday, November 15 | 6:30 pm | $10