[VIRTUAL] Why the Nazis Looted Art and Why it Still Matters

Date: February 18, 2021
Time: 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Join the University of Denver, the Holocaust Museum Houston, and the Program in Jewish Studies at Rice University for an enlightening talk featuring Dr. Elizabeth Campbell, associate professor of history at the University of Denver and director of the Center for Art Collection Ethics. The discussion will highlight her work and why the legacy of Nazi art looting still impacts the art world today.

As the Nazis devised and implemented the Final Solution, they also expropriated a wide range of assets from Jews across Europe—real estate, investments and mobile assets. This massive theft included several hundred thousand works of art, the result of confiscation and forced sales within the Third Reich and in occupied territories. The aftermath of Nazi art plunder continues to present legal and ethical challenges in the art world, as the heirs of Jewish victims seek restitution of looted paintings and other objects now held by museums, galleries or private collectors.

Join us as we investigate the connections between Nazi art plunder and the Holocaust, and why this history of expropriation still matters today.

Thursday, February 18 | 6 - 7:30 pm | FREE