[IN-PERSON] Movement for "Minis"

Date: February 4, 2022
Time: 10:00 am - 10:45 am
This class introduces the very basics of dance and locomotor skills with instructor Erin Shea in our beautiful indoor dance studio. Children will be practicing the expression and control of their bodies. Focusing on self-awareness,...

[IN-PERSON] Intro to Dance

Date: February 4, 2022
Time: 11:00 am - 11:45 am
This class focuses on concepts to encourage coordination, balance, tempo, and rhythm with instructor Erin Shea. Shapes, colors, and patterns of choreography will be introduced. Children will explore different styles of dance to spark their...

[IN-PERSON] School Day Out

Date: February 7, 2022
Time: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
The Boulder JCC's Youth & Camps Department is proud to offer School Day Out camps for families when school is temporarily not in session. We'll plan a day filled with activities, fun, and learning so you don't have to worry about child...

[IN-PERSON] Tots on the Trail

Date: February 7, 2022
Time: 9:45 am - 10:45 am
As parents of toddlers (12 months - 3 years), we all need to get out of the house. This Winter, bundle up and bring your active toddler to the Bobolink trailhead. Enjoy the sunshine and fresh air while meeting other parents with little...

[IN-PERSON] Babies at Bobolink: Walking Group

Date: February 7, 2022
Time: 11:00 am - 12:00 pm
Bring your little one (under the age of 12 months) and a stroller or carrier to Bobolink trailhead to enjoy the sunshine while meeting other parents with babies. The goal of this group is to get together and walk, make new friends, and...

[IN-PERSON] Hip Pop with Shari Polis - Tuesdays

Date: February 8, 2022
Time: 4:15 pm - 5:15 pm
Learn the choreography to kids' favorite pop hits! Explore new dance moves, enhance stage presence, and grow self-esteem while having a blast in dance class. Each child will have the opportunity to develop their own style as well as learn...

[IN-PERSON] Sign, Move and Groove

Date: February 9, 2022
Time: 10:00 am - 10:45 am
This indoor class with Chamisa is for your busy toddler. Move to the music, create art projects, and start or continue their sign language journey! Each week, we will focus on a different theme by learning songs, movements, exploring new...