Virtual Roman Holiday: Feasting in Rome's Jewish Kitchen with The Great Big Jewish Food Fest

Date: May 26, 2020Time: 12:00 pm

Rome is home to one of Europe's oldest and most delicious Jewish cuisines. Shaped by centuries of hardship and tightly-bound community, la cucina Ebraica Romana (the Roman Jewish kitchen) is defined by its elegant approach
to vegetables, saucy braised meats, love of small and briny fishes, and masterclass
level of skill for frying foods in olive oil. Join celebrated cookbook author Leah
Koenig (The Jewish Cookbook; Modern Jewish Cooking) for an online cooking
class highlighting some of Rome's best dishes. Recipes will be available before
the class, so students can pick up ingredients.

How to Join

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Tuesday, May 26 | 12 pm

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