[VIRTUAL] Voter Education: The Threat of Misinformation

Date: October 8, 2020
Time: 4:00 pm

In a highly partisan environment, reliable information around elections, voting and campaigns is crucial. Join 92Y’s Campaign for 100% and ProPublica as we explore steps we can all take to defend democracy from disinformation.

Viral misinformation can disenfranchise voters and threaten the integrity of elections. What does misinformation look like and where is it coming from in 2020? What threat does it pose to the 2020 election and the results? And how can we build a reliable non-partisan source of information that 100% of voters trust?

This event is produced in partnership with ProPublica. Sign up for ProPublica’s User’s Guide to Democracy: a short series of personalized emails on where your current representatives stand on the issues, voting safely and securely in your district, how to spot election misinformation and more. ProPublica’s Electionland project monitors problems that prevent people from voting. If you have trouble voting or witness any problems, you can report via text, WhatsApp or Facebook.

Thursday, October 8 | 4 pm | FREE