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Art Exhibit Opening with Carlene Frances and Thomas Flanagan 

Tom Flanagan’s paintings have been called, “jumpy, pointy, sly and deceitfully clever complex hard-edge abstractions that go deep into modernist logic.”

“I’ve always been interested in abstraction because it allows me to build a kind of logical mess that is unique to my sensibilities and experiences. It’s the organization of the ‘mess’ that fascinates me. It’s a kind of nod to what’s outside the studio and my reaction to it.”

With an emphasis on shape  — both geometric and organic — combined with pure line mixed with saturated colors, middle tones and greys his work has been described as the physical representation of sound and movement.

“Ultimately,” Tom says, “I make the pictures I want to see.”

Tuesday, May 5 | 5:30 - 7:30 pm | Conversation with the artist at 6:30 pm | REGISTRATION COMING SOON
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