Our Boulder, CO kindergarten is designed for children who will be 5 years old by September 30th and would benefit from a small class size and a focus on individual learning styles. We believe in an inquiry-based learning environment that encourages creative and critical thinking, problem-solving, and risk-taking. All of these components factor into a solid foundation for academic success.

Your child will experience a classroom community, focusing on strong relationships among the students and teachers. We integrate Jewish culture and values every day through music, stories, language, and foods.

The Kindergarten program is offered Monday through Friday, 9 am to 2:30 pm. Limited extended care options are available beginning at 8 am - 4 pm.

Our curriculum

We believe it is important for children to be instrumental in their own learning and engage in constructing knowledge from various experiences. By honoring individual learning styles and intelligences, we are able to optimize the environment so that every child is set up for success. The Boulder Valley School District and St. Vrain School District’s curriculum and assessment tools will be a reference guide for program evaluation, individual assessment, and goals.

Over the course of the year, children will engage in literacy, math, and science in an integrated approach through different avenues of learning.  

Children will strengthen their understanding of reading and writing by creatively exploring the alphabet, word families, sight words, and handwriting. We will integrate a variety of programs in order to build a solid reading and writing foundation. Specific reading strategies will be used to support the needs of individual students based on regular assessments.

Math will focus on number sense, patterns, shapes, measuring, whole numbers, and problem-solving. We will be integrating Math Their Way, which is a hands-on approach to teaching children math concepts through activities that use familiar materials and help children put abstract ideas into concrete understanding.

Children will learn through explorations of their natural world by using inquiry-based thinking, observations, documentation, and evaluation. Our integrated approach to science will move across multiple disciplines in order for children to go deeper with their understanding of science concepts.

Seamless Judaism
We use a framework of Jewish values to experience our world, using the cycle of holidays and seasons and through our Jewish connections to each other, our school, our community, and our earth.

For more information and to schedule a visit at our school, please contact Emma Lewallen, ECC Admissions Manager.